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About Us
Sunday School 9:30 am
Worship 10:30 am

Springfield Church of the Brethren accepts without reservation:

  • The authority of Jesus Christ
  • The scriptures as God's Word
  • The New Testament as the only rule for faith and practice
  • Our Desire is to be a community where there is:

    • Sincere worship
    • relevant teaching
    • loving friendships
    • constant prayer
    • and compassionate care for those in need
We are intentional about reaching out to our local community in ways that express the love of Christ.

Meet Our Pastor: Andrew Wenger

Greetings to you all, my sisters and brothers in Christ of Springfield Church of the Brethren,

I write this letter sitting in my parents living room in Pennsylvania; although, by the time you read it, we should be all moved into our new home in Cuyahoga Falls (near the Chapel Hill Mall). We are greatly looking forward to being a part of this community.

I thought I would write a bit more about our family, and some of my thoughts as we look towards the future. My mother is very excited for us to become a part of the community, partially because she is my mom, but mainly because she grew up in Marion, OH and feels like we are moving to her home.

My dad grew up with his four sisters in Middletown, OH, the son of parents who were both pastors and school teachers. He plays trombone with a group called Brethren Brass.

I have two younger brothers, Jacob and Laban. Jacob, a professor of entomology at CSU: Fresno, is married to Whitney and they have two sons: Silas (4), and Calvin (2). Laban is the facilities director at Camp Stephens in Julian, CA. He is a gifted musician who loves to wander and see who God and his feet bring into his life.

Lauren grew up an only child in the small town of Warwick in southern New York State. Before having our daughter Grace, she worked for 10 years at the Hershey Story Museum where she cared for the artifact collection and helped design and build exhibits. Originally upon entering college (before she discovered Sociology/Anthropology) she was interested in becoming an art therapist, and both art and psychology remain interests of hers. Her father, Laszlo, is a Hungarian from Transylvania. (Do not worry, he is not a vampire.) He moved to the US in early 1980 and spent over 20 years designing and creating ornamental metal work in NYC before retiring. Joyce, Laurens mother, is the billing manager at a surgical center. They now live in Toms River, NJ, near Joyce's four siblings.

It would be amiss if I did not mention our furry family member, Honey the beagle. She just celebrated 9 years with us, and will be 10 on Dec. 28. If you ever come to visit, she will greet you with the song of her people: Aaaroooo. Please do not take offense or be afraid, she is very friendly. We recently lost her older sister, Lady. She was around 18 years old when she passed away in September. She was our sweet old girl who loved to nap in the sun, get belly scratches, and steal food.

Last, but certainly not least, is our daughter Grace. Many of you have already met our ball of energy! She is very outgoing and loves spending time around people Her favorite foods are fruits and vegetables, yogurt, cheese, and peanut butter. She loves books, singing, drawing, Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, the Super Monsters, and spending time outside. She is currently learning to count to 30, and is looking forward to having her own room, as well as celebrating Christmas with a real Christmas tree this year (since we will have the space!)

My first official day in the office is November 25. That is very exciting to say. I will be there to organize myself, work on plans and sermons for Advent worships, and be generally available. I will be in the office Monday thru Thursday mornings and by appointment.

Beyond my duties in worship planning and as an employee of the congregation, my plans for the first few months include: 

getting to know all of you better,

visiting with members who have difficulty coming to the church building,

  reaching out to members and friends who have grown less connected to the congregation, and seeing how we can rebuild our relationship,

becoming connected to the local community and getting to know our neighbors and local organizations, so that I can help the congregation to better serve and so I can better serve the needs of the membership,

learning how to be a minister (I pray for your patience as I make this shift into pastoring.)

I have some other ideas and projects I would like to attempt, but I feel that these listed are the most important at this moment. I encourage everyone to lift up ideas and projects you think will help the congregation, community, and the Kingdom.

Once again, I, Lauren and Grace want to thank you for this call. We pray that this journey will bring glory to the Creator, continue the work of the Redeemer, and deepen our relationship with the Holy Spirit. Your Servant, Andrew P. Wenger

Pastor Andrew would like to welcome you to workship with us this Sunday morning.

Pastor Andrew Wenger

Andrew Wenger, Pastor, Springfield Church of the Brethren